How dangerous is plastic bags for our environment?

Our eco friendly jute bags are mainly used by the developed countries like UK, US, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Belgium etc. But we want it should be used by the whole world. Perhaps people think that jute bags are costly than polythene bags but if we go through a calculation, we can find the actual truth. Suppose a single polythene bag cost is USD0.02, if we use 30 bags per month it costs USD0.06 so for 2 months we expend USD1.20 just to carry our everyday articles. If we use a jute bag it costs USD1.20 and it can be used at least 90 days.

What is cotton fabrics and its weight?

Cotton is most popular plant based fibre and very important fibre in our daily life since it was the basic fibre in textile before any synthetic fibre. Now a days there are many types of synthetic fibre but still cotton is best because it is breathable and natural fibre. Cotton is popular not only in textile industry but also in bag industry. Light cotton & heavy canvas both are used to make bags.

List of fabrics available for bag making:

1. Muslin

Light weight cotton fabric with plain weave

2. Calico(3 oz)

Light weight unbleached cotton